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Soccer For Kids is published by me, Bruce Lovelace in Gloucester County, New Jersey. I recognized early on in his professional career the long-lasting value of getting kids off to a good start in life.

The desire to expand that influence lead to running a youth soccer coaching franchise called Soccer Shots for 12 years and then the birth of the soccer-for-kids website.

"I get a kick out of coaching kids in soccer." -Coach Bruce

soccer builds CONFIDENCE and SELF ESTEEM 

Coach Bruce Lovelace in High School(circa 1977)

Building strong self-esteem through the challenges and successes that come with the game of soccer when we're quite young makes for better actions and habits throughout our later years of childhood and even into adulthood.

Although I was grateful for being voted in as the team captain my junior and senior years of my high school soccer career, it was the "Best Team Player" award that had the most impact on me. I really suffered from a lack of confidence in my youth. Soccer helped me improve on that and helped me in my future pursuits.

Developing myself as a soccer player has helped me in the business world. The struggles, the triumphs, and learning how to work as a team were the lessons that had a big influence on who I became.

The soccer-for-kids website is one of the projects I started to have a positive influence on today's kids. 

Dear Coach Bruce,

Thank you for coaching me again! I love soccer and you make it so much fun!

Love, Eddie”

Dear Coach Bruce,

Thank you again for the wonderful soccer season! You definitely had an energetic group of boys this time around and they were very entertaining to watch. Colton has grown so much since September in terms of his confidence and skill.Thank you for always keeping our little guy under your wing and including him-even on tough days. We appreciate it! Colton will be starting swimming lessons this Spring, so we will see you again in the Fall-hopefully! Have a great Spring + Summer with your family!


Adam, Lissette & Colton”

Dear Coach Bruce,

Thank you for making it a great experience for Penny's first time playing soccer. Thank you for your patience, while Penny faced challenges. We loved teaching her about confidence, determination, and sportsmanship. We definitely plan to come back for soccer again soon.


Penny (Kim & John)”

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Coach Bruce Lovelace started playing soccer in 1974 when, as a young boy, he constructed his own makeshift soccer goal. He played in high school, then intramurally in college and beyond. He started to coach his own children in the early 1990s and then ran a Soccer Shots franchise for 12 years. Now, Coach Bruce publishes the soccer-for-kids.com website. You can also get lots of great ideas on Soccer-For-Kids Pinterest.

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