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This page is a resource for soccer parent advice. You want what's best for your child, not just in terms of participating in youth soccer, but in all aspects of your kid's life.

Soccer is a great game for all of the life skills it can teach to young people. The principles of teamwork, respect, confidence, and hard work can benefit children through their lives.

Resources for Soccer Parents

The top priority For Sports Parents Should  Be To get their child to love the game

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If you instill the love of a game into your child, she'll want to play longer and harder. Focus on the fun of it. That naturally leads to better success.Parents, give your child ownership of enjoying the the whole game experience.

Children will improve their level of play if THEY are the ones trying to get better. Read more and watch the video at Positive Coach.

The 6 Words You Should Say Today to Your Child.

Kids don't need to feel pressure from their parents when it comes to their performance on the soccer field. One of the greatest statements you can make to your child contains only 6 words, but the impact of speaking them can be very powerful.

Here's the link to the article from words You Should Say:  "I love to watch you play." Read why this simple phrase can be so powerful.

What to do if Your Kid Makes a Mistake

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Inspire Kids With The Magic of Photography

Yeah, I know. This website is called Soccer For Kids. We  believe the game of soccer can be used to teach kids life lessons that can be used in many aspects of their lives as they grow, and eventually become the adults of tomorrow. But let's face it, soccer isn't the only tool that we can use to shape today's youth.

Children inspiration

There's a program, that's just starting on a local level, but could grow quite big and inspire children all over the globe. It's called the Inspire Kids Project.

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