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It's a great time to be doing a search on how to buy youth soccer balls. This list of where to buy youth soccer balls is extensive-you get lots of choices, but it can be confusing to choose which retailer is the best one to use to get your young son or daughter their first soccer ball.

One of the popular ways to go about it has been to ask if you can get soccer balls at one of the major retailers in the USA, like Walmart or Target. Yes, you can certainly get a good price on a soccer ball for your kid at Walmart or Target.

Youth Soccer Ball

Certainly your local sporting goods store is a great place to check out kids soccer balls. When I first searched for a soccer ball, I was graduating 8th grade and there was only one source of soccer balls close by. Things have changed for the better.

It's great to walk into a store, find what you want, and be able to walk out the door with your equipment in hand. I did a quick Google check and used the words "where to buy youth soccer balls" and I got a Walmart, a Dicks Sporting Goods, and my own soccer business, all within a 15 minute driving radius.

Here's a list of 20 places for you. This list was compiled by using Google and contains both the paid advertisers as well as the soccer ball sellers who come up in the search results organically. 

list of soccer ball retailers



soccer ball lampSOCCER BALL LAMP

The best place to buy your kid a soccer ball will depend on your situation. With the competition for your soccer dollars among box stores and online only retailers so high and the demand for soccer balls so high in this country, you're in an advantageous position to get a great price.

You can also rest assured-unless you buy a super cheap ball-that the quality of the youth soccer balls being sold by all the retailers will satisfy your needs.

how much does a soccer ball cost

The price of a soccer ball varies dramatically from between $10 to about $160, but the average price of a soccer ball is around $20. Match balls cost quite a bit more than practice balls and the larger sized balls. I researched the low end of soccer ball prices and found out the following cost at a few big retailers.

DICKSSPORTING GOODS. At the time of this post Dicks had a big selection of balls priced under $20.

WALMART. No surprise that Walmart, the king of discounting, had the most ball priced under $10.

TARGET. My wife's favorite brick and mortar store had a decent number of soccer balls priced under $10, but most of the soccer balls were priced between $10 and $20.

AMAZON. Our household favorite retailer for a good percentage of our non-food products. Amazon has a ton of soccer balls in every price category. Not surprisingly, the Best Sellers are priced between $10 and $20.

Searching for soccer balls on Amazon is like finding a nice blade blade of grass on a well maintained soccer field. The selection can be overwhelming, but you're sure to find one you'll really like.

I also divided the various types of soccer balls for kids into several categories to help with your research:

youth soccer balls with pumps

For your convenience you can purchase youth soccer balls that come along with a pump and soccer ball needles too. I like the pumps where the needle slides into the handle. The soccer ball needles are so small it's easy for you to lose them or for them to get damaged.

Click below to check prices.

youth soccer balls without pumps

If you already have a pump that you can use to inflate your soccer ball, there's no need to pay for a new one. They are very affordable if you have a concern for breakage or theft and a spare won't take up much room. Here are some youth soccer balls that you can get without a pump included.

size 3 soccer balls

If you're shopping for size 3 soccer balls for your under 8 child you're really in luck. There's more variety in styles of soccer balls for the younger crowd than you can imagine.

Toddler soccer ball prices

Shopping for toddler soccer balls can be so much fun. The enthusiasm of a toddler can be infectious on us parents and a soccer ball design with a favorite character theme is sure to please your little soccer player.

unique soccer balls for sale

Here are some rather unique youth soccer balls for sale. Click any one of them to get the current price.

As you can see, you have tons of options on designs and where to buy youth soccer balls. I encourage you not to put too much thought into it. Your son or daughter is going to have loads of fun playing with whatever soccer ball you buy, no matter where you buy it.

Just do it. You'll only run into trouble if you buy a very poorly made economy ball in an attempt to save yourself a few dollars.

Keep it positive. Keep it fun!

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