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This post covers how much soccer goals cost. As you'll see there is a large range of prices for soccer goals because there is an enormous range in sizes, sturdiness, materials, and designs of goals for playing soccer. Whether you're buying just for your backyard, for the school, only for practicing, or regular league games, it's good to know the prices of various soccer goals.

The cost of soccer goals range from $9.92 for a mini soccer goal for toddlers to $6,465.99 for a full-sized, 24x8 professional soccer goal. Indoor soccer goals cost less than outdoor soccer goals because they are smaller and made with lighter materials. Metal frame soccer goals are more expensive than plastic frame soccer goals.

So, what are the actual prices? See the table of goal prices below.

Table Of Soccer Goal Cost** 

**The prices of soccer goals in the tables below were accurate at the time of this post. Price data came from an extensive search of major vendors, including exclusive soccer equipment specialists, sports stores, and general merchandise retailers. Prices may vary.

WALBEST KIDS PORTABLE For Toddlers or small target practicing. 32.3" x 18.9" x 18.9" $9.92
FRANKLIN SPORTS KIDS MINI Pair of 36 inch rectangular youth goals +soccer ball + pump $26.99
PUGG POP-UP A pair of 4-foot folding, portable goals and carrying bag $79.95
AGORA POWER FLEX 10' x 5' Pop-up goal. Fiberglass frame absorbs hard shots. $169.99
BOWNET 4' X 12' FIVE-A-SIDE. Extra wide. For indoor or outdoor use $329.00
BOWNET 4' X 16' FIVE-A-SIDE. Super wide. For indoor or outdoor use $379.00
24 X 8 FORZA ALU110 Freestanding Stadium Box. $4,099.99
KWIK GOAL PRO COPA Swivel Wheels Soccer Goal 6.5'x18.5' $6,465.99

The biggest factor that determines the cost of soccer goals is size, particularly the number of linear feet of the goal's frame. For the full post on determining and understanding goal size, read the article on soccer goal sizes.

To get more specific on prices, see the cost breakdown in the different categories of of soccer goals below. Realize that there is often overlap with the different soccer goal types and their prices. Some goal types fit into several different soccer goal categories.

Prices By Category

1. Youth Soccer Goal Prices

12 x 6 youth soccer goalQuickplay 12' x 6'

6 foot youth soccer goalPUGG 6 foot

Forza 6 x 4 foot soccer goalForza 6x4 foot

Youth soccer goals have a price range of $49 to $322 at the time when the research was done for this post. Youth soccer goals are for use by kids range in size between 6 feet wide and 12 feet wide. Many of the goals used for youth soccer can easily be transported to and moved to different positions.

Wear and tear on youth -sized goals is usually pretty light which makes them durable for the long term. That makes the cost per year go done if you want to get several years of use out of them.

POSLON SOCCER GOAL KIDS SET Twin 4' x 3' x 3' goals with bag. Available at Amazon $39
ZIMTOWN 8 Ft. x 5 Ft. Available at Walmart. Good for small-sided games or practice $59
FORZA STEEL 42 FUTSAL 10' X 6.5' Available at NetWorldSports. 100% weatherproof steel construction. Futsal size. $299

2. Toddler/Preschool Soccer Goal Cost

Dolu plastic toddler soccer goalDolu plastic goal for toddlers

Franklin 24 inch toddler soccer goal2-Franklin 24 inch & Ball & Pump

Umbro folding toddler soccer goalsUmbro 3' by 2' folding

Toddler soccer goals range in price from $20 to $70. They sometimes come as part of a kit which may include two goals, a ball, a pump and sometimes even disc cones

UMBRO POP UP 2 Goal Set with Carry Bag $20
BAYINBULAK POP UP Portable Soccer Net for Toddler Backyard Training. Available on Amazon $30
DOLU TOYS Made of blown chunky plastic. 30" H x 22" W x 39" D $70

3. Backyard Soccer Goals

Bornew backyard soccer setBornew backyard soccer set

Primed 6x4 backyard youth soccer goalPrimed 6x4 youth soccer goal

Franklin 12x6 backyard soccer goalFranklin 12x6 backyard soccer goal

Backyard goals come sized for toddlers, preschoolers, youth players, and advanced. They can be 24'x8', but usually these soccer goals are not full width or full depth in order to fit well in the more confined space of a backyard.

BORNEW BACKYARD GOAL Two 4' x 3' Soccer Nets, Size 3 ball, Cones, Ground Stakes, Pump, Carrying Bag $44
AGORA POWER FLEX 6'x 4' Pop-Up Soccer Goal. Designed for play on all surfaces. $140
FRANKLIN BACKYARD GOAL One 12' x 8' folding steel soccer goal, net, and ground stakes $165

4. Professional Soccer Goals

Kwik Goal European lub soccer goalKwik Goal European club soccer goal

Kwik Goal professional soccer goalKwik Goal professional soccer goal

World Class portable soccer goalWorld Class portable soccer goal

All professional soccer goals are 24' x 8' regulation size and should be made to be extremely sturdy.

KWIK GOAL 2B3006 8'x24' Deluxe European Club $2,336
KWIK GOAL PRO PREMIERE 8'x24' World Competition, 2B8. $3,566
WORLD CLASS 40 Round Aluminum Portable. $6026

5. Practice Soccer Goals

JayPro adjustable soccer practice goalJayPro adjustable practice goal
(24 footer will sag in the middle)

Forza 12 x 6 practice goalForza 12 x 6 practice goal
(Sturdier frame

Rebounding soccer netTEKKERS-Trainer-Soccer-Net-Rebounder
(Super light)

Soccer goals made just for practice are sometimes smaller than regulation goals. This makes for developing more pinpoint shooting. On game day the regular sized goal feels bigger and is easier to score on.

Some of these goals are bounce-back goals and have not depth. Practice soccer goals range in price from $ to $.

QUICKPLAY REBOUNDER Trekkers Trainer dual soccer net rebounder $129
FORZA PRACTICE 12 x 6 Weatherproof uPVC posts $169
JAYPRO QUICK SET-UP Goal width adjusts to 8'W, or 16'W, or 24'W x 8'H $1158

6. Indoor Soccer Goals

Kwik-Goal-Portable Futsal Soccer GoalKwik-Goal-Portable Futsal Soccer Goal

Pevo Park Series Futsal Soccer GoalPevo Park Series Indoor

AGORA Power Flex Pop Up Soccer Goal - 5'x10'AGORA Power Flex Pop Up. 5'x10'

The standard size of an indoor soccer goal for Major Arena Soccer League (the highest level there is) is 14' by 8.'  Depending on the age group of players and size of the soccer arena, indoor soccer goals can vary significantly in size.

Pevo Park Series Futsal Soccer Goal 6'7"x9'10"
AGORA Power Flex Pop-Up Soccer Goal - 5'x10.' $170
KWIK GOAL Portable Futsal Soccer Goal, $621
PEVCO PARK SERIES Indoor. 9'10" x 6'7" Portable Indoor. $1573

7. Portable Soccer Goals

Bazooka Portable Goal 4 x 2.5 ftBazooka Pop-Up Folding Mini Soccer Goal

FORZA Aluminum POD Folding Soccer GoalFORZA Aluminum Folding Soccer Goal

Zeny 12' x 6' portable soccer goalZENY 12'x6' portable backyard

Generally speaking, portable soccer goals are made with smaller diameter frames to make them lighter in weight and are subsequently more affordable.

Although they are lighter, portable soccer goals are not always cheaper than "permanent" soccer goals. See the detailed post on how heavy are soccer goals

ZENY Portable Soccer Goal for Backyard. Practice Training Goal. 12'x6' $68.89
BAZOOKA Solid Frame Pop-Up Goal. Portable, Folding Mini Soccer Goal. 4' x 2.5" $159.99
FORSA Aluminum POD. Folding Soccer Goal. Can be set up in as little as 10 seconds $219.99

How To Save Money On A Soccer Goal 

As you can see from the tables above, the prices of soccer goals depend on many factors. With many goals shipping becomes a big part of the overall expense. When doing a price comparison, don't forget to pay attention to the shipping cost. Shipping is even more of a significant expense when it comes to larger soccer goals

You can save money buy keeping the size of your goal small if you have the option to do so. Secondly, you can save money when buying a soccer goal by getting a plastic goal rather than one that's made with a metal. Steel goals are cheaper to buy than aluminum. Aluminum soccer goals are lighter and are not subject to rust and deterioration like steel is.

Buying the cheapest priced goal may can you more in the long wrong if it only lasts for a season or two because of being made with cheap materials with respect to how it's going to be used. Many of the soccer gear specialty sellers are priced too high and it pays to shop around.

A good place to initially check prices on soccer goals is Amazon, where the competition drives the price down. Try a few of the links below.

As an Amazon associate, soccer-for-kids receives a small commission for qualifying purchases. There is no cost to you. Zero!

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