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You're wondering how heavy a soccer goal is. This post will give you the weight of soccer goals, both full-sized and small, as well as how the material they're made of affects how much they weigh. I researched the weights of many soccer goals and found out that the weight of each varies tremendously.

The weight of an 8' x 24', full size soccer goal is between 147 lbs. and 500 lbs. Steel frame soccer goals are the heaviest, followed by aluminum frame goals, while goals made of with fiberglass and PVC frames are the lightest. The diameter and thickness of the framing also have a big effect on how heavy a soccer goal is.

Soccer Goal Weight Table

Because there are so many variables in design, framing materials, thickness, and overall size of soccer goals, research on how heavy they are resulted in a wide range of weights. See the table below on the scale of various goal weights.

KWIK GOAL Pro Premier World Competition All-aluminum, 4 3/8" round post, 2 5/8" round back net posts 217 LBS.
AGORA 4" Euro Pro Regulation Crossbar + post diameter= 4 ⅜" round 159 LBS.
KWIK GOAL European club Aluminum with a 3" round frame 147 LBS.
AGORA Indoor 6'6" x 12' - Official Indoor 133 LBS.
KWIK GOAL Academy 7' x 21' x 0' x 7.25 Aluminum 84 LBS.
PETRA SPORTS 2" Diameter Powder Coated Galvanized Steel Frame 78 LBS.
NET WORLD SPORTS FORZA 6 ft. by 4 ft. PVC plastic 48 LBS.
PUGG 3' folding plastic 2 LBS.

Kwik goal European style soccer goalAluminum with a 3" round frame
This Kwik Goal European club soccer goal weighs 147 pounds

The goal pictured below is 87.5% as big as the soccer goal pictured above, but weighs only 48% as much. This is due to the diameter of the frame and the amount of frame used in the different design.

Kwik Goal 7x21 academy goal7' x 21' x 0' x 7.25 Aluminum
This Kwik Goal Academy soccer goal weighs 84 pounds

In addition to the importance of what type of material is used for the goal's frame, the overall  goal size counts even more in the calculation for the weight of all of the different soccer goals.

How Design Affects Soccer Goal Weight

When we do a comparison of two different styles of soccer goals and the differences in the number of feet of steel tubing used to construct them it becomes obvious why there is such a large range of weights between the two of them.

Entire steel frame soccer goalThe entire frame is metal
Linear length of frame is large.

2 post portable soccer goalOnly 2 front posts are metal
Linear length of frame is short.

The goal pictured above on the left weighs more than three times as much as the goal pictured on the right. The added length and thickness of the soccer goal frame also dramatically affect the cost. For more on that, see the complete post on soccer goal prices

Weight of Portable Goals

Portable soccer goals generally weigh less than permanent goals. They often don't have as much depth at the top from the crossbar and are made with lighter tubes that have a smaller diameter.

Franklin competition backyard soccer goalSmaller diameter tubing, no depth at top of goal.
This portable goal from Franklin weighs only 38.45 LBS.

The frame pieces connect with spring-loaded pin locks. It has Velcro straps to attach the net to the frame of the goal. It's constructed out of galvanized steel and can be assembled on the soccer field. The size of the outside diameter of the galvanized steel tubing is 1.25 inches.

6x8 alloy steel goal12 LBS.
SKLZ Quickster 6' x 4' portable soccer goal and net

This 12x8 foot portable goal is made of alloy steel. With the net included, this goal weighs just 12 lbs. This lightweight goal is easy to transport to any location and sets up in just two minutes.

Soccer Goal FAQ

What are soccer goals made of?

Soccer goals can be made of metal, wood, fiberglass, or plastic. Plastic , fiberglass, and metal soccer goals have hard exterior surfaces and hollow centers to keep the weight down. Wooden soccer goals are not very popular. They are heavy because of their solid framing and are more susceptible to weather damage.

How heavy are movable soccer goals?

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission , CPSC, the full sized 8x24 foot soccer goals that are designed to be movable are made of metal and weigh between 150 lbs. and 500 lbs. The author has never seen a goal as heavy as 500 lbs.

What is the best method to prevent soccer goals from tipping over?

Specific safety guidelines for soccer goals 40 lbs and heavier dictate that the goals be secured either by stakes sunk into the ground or weights draped over the ground tube at the back of the net.

Soccer Goal Weight Summary

I hope my research answered your questions about the weight of soccer goals. When searching for the right goal determine the right size for your soccer player(s) and for the specific location you'll be using it. Weight is important along with size when it comes to being able to move your goal to and on the soccer playing field, whether it's a regular field or your own backyard.

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