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Smiley face soccer ballSmiley Face

Looking for some unique and cool soccer balls for young children? Here's a collection of some of the coolest, most interesting, youth soccer balls in the world. Your child's first soccer ball should bring a smile to her face as soon as she sees it. This article and photo gallery of south soccer balls will give you some cool ideas on the variety and types of soccer balls that you can get.

You can search for youth soccer balls by general theme, such as soccer balls for girls, soccer balls for boys, or toddler soccer balls. Another approach to take is to be very specific in your search and look for an exact match for a cartoon or movie character soccer ball like batman soccer ball, lego soccer ball, or a specific type like glow-in-the-dark soccer ball.

cool soccer ball ideas

Let's start with some ideas for kids soccer balls that are centered around themes that are very popular at the time this article is being written. Check out the 4 cool soccer balls below. These balls can be used for real soccer games, but kids can also enjoy playing with by using their imagination and bringing these characters to life.

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T-rex dinosaur soccer ballT-Rex Dinosaur
Kids unicorn soccer ballUnicorn
Panda soccer ballPanda
Toy story soccer ballToy Story

cool soccer balls for GIRLS

You can find a bunch of cool soccer balls that are marketed toward your daughter.

Girls usually relate more to female movie characters and pink is often a favorite color for girl soccer players. I'm not be sexist personally, just telling you how the marketers offer youth soccer balls.

Give a girl the right soccer ball and she'll conquer the world.

message for girl soccer players
pink soccer ballPretty Pink
Wonder Woman soccer ballWonder Woman
pink girls soccer ballPink and Flowers
Frozen soccer ballFrozen

cool soccer balls for boys

Youth soccer ball companies also know what kind of soccer balls usually appeal to boys and there is no shortage of cool soccer balls for young boys to play with either. Boys love to pretend they're superheroes and I can't tell you how many times the young boys I've coached have imagined they were Superman or Spiderman on the soccer field.

Superman soccer ballSuperman
Toy Story soccer ballToy Story
Pokemon soccer ballPokemon
Spiderman soccer ballSpiderman

cool soccer balls for toddlers

Now let's look at good soccer balls that will appeal to toddlers and preschool soccer players.

Sunshine unicorn toddler soccer ballSunshine Unicorn
polar bear toddler soccer ballTom Polar Bear
Inu soccer ballShiba Inu
Jimmy Giraffe toddler soccer ballJimmy Giraffe
zebra toddler soccer ballHappy Zebra
Fox toddler soccer ballTerry Fox
Corgi dog toddler soccer ballCorgi Dog
owl toddler soccer ballMadeline Owl

soccer ball gifts

Here are a few 3D soccer balls that your child can have a lot of fun with.  Even if it's not going to be by using one of these soccer for playing a regular soccer game, each one of them would make a great gift to give your young soccer player.

lego soccer ballLego Soccer Ball
hover soccer ballHover Soccer Ball
3D illusion soccer ballSoccer Ball Illusion
3D brain teaser soccer ball3D Puzzle

more unique and fun kids soccer balls

Here are a few more randomly selected cool soccer balls for you to consider for your son or daughter. Santa is clearly one of the most popular figures in the USA each year when December rolls around. Cats are a popular pet-almost 100,000,000 households in the United State have a cat. Although Hello Kitty is not a cat according to the company, the reality is that everyone thinks of it and these kids soccer balls become favorites for the kids who get to play with them.

Mickey Mouse and his fellow disney characters have been trendy for almost 100 years and make a great design for youth soccer balls. If your child has an interest in the heavenly skies, you can educate your child about the planets with a solar system soccer ball.

Santa Soccer BallSanta Soccer Ball
Hello Kitty kids soccer ballHello Kitty Soccer Ball
Mickey Mouse soccer ballMickey Mouse Soccer Ball
Solar System Soccer BallSolar System Soccer Ball

Particularly true in the cooler months here in North America, the shorter days can limit the length of daylight. How about a way to extend the soccer day?

hip Soccer balls for after dark

Perhaps a bit of a novelty, there are dozens of neat soccer balls that can be played with after dark. Although the materials used to make them aren't necessarily designed for the same level of longevity as regulation balls, several will last a long time.

I've played soccer many times when the fading light made it difficult to keep playing and a lighted ball can be a blast to play with and extend the amount of time you get to keep playing. As a kid, I had a ton of fun playing with a glow-in-the-dark Frisbee.

LED glow light soccer ballGlowing Soccer Ball
Nightball kids soccer ballNight Ball
Nightmatch glowing soccer ballNight Match Ball
luminous soccer ballLuminous Soccer Ball

Keep it positive. Keep it fun.

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