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It's a frequently asked question. Do kids need soccer socks?

New soccer moms and soccer dads need to know what kinds of socks soccer players wear, how kids soccer socks are different, and how to wear soccer socks. Okay, let's dive in.

Kids who play soccer need special socks that fit over top their shin guards and help secure them in place. Most soccer leagues and organizations require kids to wear soccer socks. You may be wondering how soccer soccers are different from regular athletic socks.

Soccer socks are different than regular socks. They are thicker and longer. The soccer socks that are worn a few inches below the knee by soccer players are often called calf socks.

No matter what brand of sock a child likes, there is one basic requirement. Their socks must completely cover their shin guards. Soccer socks should be tight enough so that they won't fall down during the match, but some players put tape around the top of the sock to help stop the socks from falling down.

How tight should soccer socks be

Just like other soccer equipment, sizing is very important with socks too. How do you know how tight of a soccer sock to wear? The socks should be tight enough to stay in place during the rigors of running, sudden directional changes, and kicking that frequently occur during soccer practices and matches.

Socks that slide down during play and need to be contiguously pulled back up distract you and pull you out of concentrating on the game.

Soccer socks should not be so tight that they cause discomfort or pain and affect the ability to easily move in any direction. They should be easy to put on, feel soft with room to stretch, but still feel snug.

If your child's legs are thin or the sock is a bit loose at the top, you can use tape around the top of the sock to help keep it from falling down, but it's better to get a sock that has the right amount of snugness. 

Additionally, if you have soccer shoes that are a little bit too big, some players like the feel and fit of wearing two pairs of socks. That makes it important to match them with proper fitting soccer cleats.

How long should soccer socks be

Knee high soccer socksAbove knee
soccer socks

All soccer socks must be long enough to fully cover and secure your shin guards.

After that, personal preference kicks into play. Some kids like to wear the longest style of socks and pull the up over their knees for added protection.

Whether your kids like their sock above their knees or below their knees, the minimally tall socks must still completely cover your child's shin guards. Read my complete post for more information on shin guards for kids.

soccer socks thickness

Soccer socks with ankle protectionsSoccer Socks
With Ankle Pads

Soccer socks are thicker than traditionally athletic socks, but the thickness can vary for different parts of the sock. The tops of these taller sock are thinner so that they can be folded down without causing discomfort or leaving pressure marks.

If they were too thick at the top they would not have the same flexibility.

Likewise, not enough thickness in the sole and it's extra wear and tear on your feet.

Look at the diagram of the different areas of a professionally designed soccer sock below. This much variety in the different sections of a child's soccer sock might be overkill for many parents, but it's a good illustration of the variety of socks available.

Diagram of soccer sock sectionsLANSHI Men's Soccer Socks Compression Long Sport
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Why kids should wear soccer socks

There are many good reasons your young soccer player should wear real soccer socks. Here's a list of benefits of wearing the right socks while playing soccer.

  1. Soccer socks protect the overall health of your feet.
  2. They also provide some protection against scrapes to other parts of the legs and even the knees.
  3. Snugly fitting properly designed compression socks can decease fatigue in the legs by their compression function.
  4. Soccer socks prevent blisters that would otherwise emerge from the rubbing of your feet against the various areas within your soccer shoes.
  5. Socks keep your feet warm during cold weather play.
  6. They also deter the occurrence of athlete's foot and other infections by wicking away moisture.
  7. Good soccer socks cushion the feet and that makes you feel comfortable when you play.

In addition to socks specifically made to cover shin guards for soccer, it's a good idea to review all the soccer gear that can be involved with playing soccer.

Do your kids need to wear soccer socks?

Soccer socks covering the shin guardSoccer socks
cover shin guards

Kids playing competitive soccer need to wear soccer socks because they are required to cover their shin guards and because of the many benefits to the kids who play soccer. Getting the right type of soccer sock and the right fit are super important.

For the toddlers and preschool aged soccer players who are not wearing shin guards, soccer socks are not needed. Does that mean you shouldn't have your child wear soccer socks? No!

Young children like dressing up like the big kids do. Wearing traditional soccer socks has benefits for the youngest soccer players too.

  • They get accustomed to wearing them-they do feel quite different than regular socks.
  • Just like wearing a real soccer jersey they make playing soccer feel more special and enjoyable.
  • They do offer some protection against cuts and scrapes.

And making soccer fun should be of the utmost priority for young kids.

Inspire a child with soccer today!

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