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Let's face it. Kids don't need a soccer water bottle. They can use any sports water bottle to maintain proper hydration, right? Yes, but it's all a matter of preference and some children like to drink out of water bottles designed specifically for soccer players.

This post will tell you all you need to know about getting the right water bottle for your child. We start by answering the most frequently asked questions about soccer water bottle.


What is the best material for a sports water bottle?

The best material for a sports water bottle is stainless steel. They are safe for kids, more durable than plastic water bottles and won't break like a glass water bottle.

What is a hygiene bottle?

Hygiene water bottles reduce the likelihood of contamination because they can be squeezed to force the liquid out of the bottle and avoid any contact with the mouth.

How often should you wash our water bottle for your kid?

According to DR. Tzeng, “Bacteria replicate quickly and could form biofilms on the surface of the bottle.” Reusable soccer water bottles should be washed with sop and water every day during the soccer season.

Are plastic sports water bottles safe for kids to drink from?

According to, Plastic #1, or PET, short for polyethylene terephthalate, also warrants a cautious eye. Studies suggest that PET plastics used for water bottles leach antimony, a metalloid element that is a classified carcinogen. In small doses, antimony can cause dizziness and depression.

Finding where to buy a water bottle for your child is easy, Whether you're shopping right now online, or you prefer to get your soccer water bottle at your local Walmart, Target, or Sports Authority, the choices are plentiful. In fact, there's too many to choose from!

Of course, whether you're a fam or not, the biggest collection in terms of variety can be found on Amazon. This article will help you choose the best kids soccer water bottle based on YOUR PREFERENCES. 

Best Features of a Good Water bottle

Before you dive in and buy a kids soccer water bottle you need to know what some of the different features are. Factors such as insulation, capacity, spill proof design, physical size, durability, price, personalizable, squeezy vs. straw, shoulder strap or handle multi-purpose?

Glance over the following list of water bottle options. This will give you a clear view of what to consider when you're trying to pick the best water bottle for your soccer player.

Brands, features, and materials of water bottlesYou have plenty of options for water bottle features, brand, and materials.

COLOR/APPEARANCE: This is likely the most important feature that preschool and elementary school soccer players pay attention to most. Particularly with the soccer water bottles made for little kids, the entire gamut of colors is covered when it comes to water bottles. Soccer ball designs are very popular.

SIZE: The smallest bottles hold plenty enough water for kids under 10, and with this size it's easy enough for kids to carry their own bottle. Water bottles for toddlers must be designed to allow tiny fingers to grip the bottle securely. Large soccer water bottle should have a neck/shoulder strap for easier transport. 

CAPACITY: My wife and I both have large capacity water bottles that are great for all-day-long home use, but too large to be carried around. Kids need water bottles to be able carry enough water for pre-game, during, and post-game hydration.

INSULATION: More important in the heat of summer, cool (not too cold) water is more appealing than warm water. There's a big variance in the type and performance of insulation with soccer water bottles. The vacuum insulation models do the best job of keeping your water cool.

WATER DELIVERY: You have your choice of squeeze nozzles,  flip-up straws, or screw-off lids. Each of these options have advantages and disadvantages. The type of spout is one of the two most important features to consider.

Sports bottle lid optionsChoices for water bottle lids

CUSTOMIZATION:  You can save money by getting a kids soccer water bottle from one of the pre-designed options or have it personalized with your child's name.

MATERIAL: The three main choices are ceramic, stainless steel and some form of PVC type of plastic. Your water bottle must be BPA FREE. The material used to make your water bottle is one of the two most important features to consider.

COST: You can find water bottles with a big difference in prices. Kids soccer water bottles range from a low of less than $10 to a high of close to $100.

Why your child needs a water bottle

water dropletDrink Up!

According to a study done at the University of Connecticut, an astonishing 2/3 of children were classified as "being significantly dehydrated before practice"  at a summer soccer camp. Dehydration causes an increase risk for heat illnesses as well as affects how kids perform on the soccer field, as well as how they feel. 

Like adults, kids should be drinking water throughout the day, not just when participating in physical activities. Study after study have revealed that as a society, we're very underhydrated. 

Getting your young soccer player a good water bottle is important because he/she should be drinking water 365 days a year, not just around soccer time. The best soccer water ball is the one your child likes to use.

why drink water

Drinking enough water is important for soccer players, soccer coaches, soccer parents, and the rest of society for that manner. Proper hydration has many benefits to the human body. See the list of advantages below for drinking enough water.

Why drink water infographicDrink. Drink. Drink.

What kinds of soccer water bottles are available

The youth soccer industry is huge with millions of kids participating. Just like the other youth soccer equipment categories, you have a selection beyond imagination. You have so many good choices that we can even look at kids soccer water bottles that are made for specific groups of players like water bottles just for girls, just for boys, and just for preschool aged children.

Kids Soccer Water Bottle For preschoolers

Water bottles for young children should be smaller to make them easier to carry and they don't need to have as high of a water capacity. The important thing is that they keep the youngsters hydrated and that they install the good habit of drinking water.

Preschool aged kids love bright colors. They identify with cartoon characters, particularly from Disney movies. See the recommended water bottles for toddlers and preschool aged kids on Amazon.

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Kids soccer water bottle on Amazon





(13.5 Ounce)


(Stainless Steel)


(You get two)




(3 Lid Choices)

Kids Soccer Water Bottle For Girls

Here are a few hand-selected recommendations for water bottles that are popular with the girls. Girls that are ages 9 to 13 should drink 9 cups of water per day according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Here are lots of recommended soccer water bottles for girls for you to choose from. Clicking any one of the choices will also give you popular alternatives.

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Kids soccer water bottles for girls on Amazon


(With strainer)


(Squeeze top)


(Read it)


(2.2 Liters)


(Best Seller)


(3 different lids)


Boys will be boys. They may not be as gentile with their water bottles and that makes durability an important feature to look for. Secondly, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommend boys ages 4 to 8 drink 7 cups of water per day.

That means capacity of the water bottle is important too. Here are the recommended soccer water bottles for boys. 

Kids soccer water bottles for boys on Amazon


(It lights up)


(Has a handle)




(Stainless Steel)




(Easy Squeeze)

unique water bottles for OLDER kids

It's not surprising that older kids need larger bottles for proper hydration. They likely have a stronger preference for water bottles that are going to keep the water cooler for longer periods of time. The recommendations for water bottles below are geared toward older kids with those preferences in mind.

Soccer water bottles for older kids on Amazon



(Read it)


(Love Yetis)


(That's its name)


(Durable Stainless)


(36 Hour cold)


(Comes with strap)

personalized water bottles

Another good choice to consider is water bottles that can be personalized with your Child's name. 

The advantage of choosing a water bottle with your child's name is that there won't be an worry of another child confusing that water bottle as their own.

Personalized sports water bottles come in options that are good for specific groups of kids, including boys, girls, preschoolers, and older kids. 

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Personalized soccer water bottles on Amazon

key points to know about using water bottles for soccer

Bottled water
  • Using a water bottle, rather than a one-time use of store-bought bottled water is better for the environment.  The raw materials, energy and pollution issues make this a no-brainer.
  • Encourage your child to use their water bottle every day. Forming a childhood habit will benefit them for their entire lives.
  • Fill it with water. Most energy drinks and many sports drinks are unhealthy with the sugar and substitute sweeteners that are often added. The energy drink industry markets heavily toward today's youth.  

Keep impacting children in a positive way using the game of soccer to inspire!

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