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Soccer goalie glove size

You need gloves for your soccer goalie. There are plenty of sizes and styles to choose from but the question is how do you measure for youth soccer goalie gloves the right way to make sure they're a good fit. Getting the right size is difficult. Kids come both small and large sizes and so do their gloves. Youth soccer goalies may be tall and thin or short for their age group.

Kids soccer goalkeeper glovesKids Soccer Gloves

There are 3 ways to find the right size soccer glove for your goalie. There are two ways to measure or you can use a glove sizing chart.

When measuring you should measure both hands and use the numbers from the larger hand. 

Here is the most well known method to get the right size soccer goalie gloves. There are 4 steps.

  1. Grab a simple ruler or tape measure.
  2. Measure from the tip of the goalie's finger to the base of the wrist.
  3. Round up to the next inch.
  4. Add one to the number you have to get the right size goalie glove.

Perfect for adults, it's not a good idea to round up for youth or "junior" sized goalie gloves. More on that later. Alternatively, you can trace the child's hand on a piece of paper and then use the ruler or tape measure on the to measure the size of the hand on the paper.

Illustration to measure hand for goalie glove sizeMeasure the hand with a measuring tape
for a proper fitting soccer goalie glove.......FOR GROWN-UPS!.

Child hand size tracingMeasure the tracing of a child's hand
for the right size of soccer goalie glove

Make sure you're aware that goalkeeper gloves for the youngest children should be worn 1/2"-1" longer than the length of their fingers and for older children and adults it should be "1" to 1.5" longer than the length of their fingers. The weakness of this method is that that extra length may make the glove fit too loosely. 

You'll find the following video very helpful to watch:

The other method I found in my research to determine the right size goalie glove for your child is to measure the palm of the hand. I found this to be a less accurate way to measure for kids soccer gloves.

best fit for youth soccer goalie glove

tape measure glove sizeTape measure

It's important to know how should soccer goalie gloves should fit. When a goalie glove is fit right to your young goalie, the fingers should not quite reach the end of the glove.

There should be a slight excess of 1/4 to 1/2 inch past the fingertips of your keeper. Especially for children, if the gloves are too long, they'll feel loose and be harder to control.

There's also increased possibility that they'll be to much space inside the glove and fail to stay in the perfect place. You don't want to allow that crushing winning goal to slip by your keeper with time running out in the big match because the fingers of the glove were too long.

How added goalie finger protection affects glove size

Many parents like the idea of adding a little finger protection for their children. Finger protection inserts are available that can be inserted into the youth soccer gloves. There are a few reasons why your YOUNG CHILD SHOULD NOT use added finger protection inside their youth soccer goalie gloves unless there's a specific reason like protecting an injured finger.

Soccer goalie glove finger protectorGoalie Glove Finger
Protection Inserts


  • Finger savers will affect the size glove to use. If the goalkeeper gloves are two tight, your goalie's may have a tough time bending their fingers to get a grip on the ball.
  • Kids may not improve the ability to feel the ball if the protection inserts are inserted into the gloves.
  • The ability to catch the ball may not develop as well if the fingers are.
  • Children will start to make saves by punching the ball away rather than controlling it.
  • It's an added expense

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In addition to the measuring methods above, you can also use soccer goalie glove size chart like the one below. It's a good starting point. If you're in a pinch and you can't measure the goalie's hand or you're buying a set of youth soccer gloves for more than one player, use the chart.

7-9 Years Old JUNIOR SIZE 4 4 Foot to 4 Foot 5 Inches
9-10 Years Old JUNIOR SIZE 5 4 Foot 3 Inches to 4 Foot 8 Inches
10-12 Years Old JUNIOR SIZE 6 4 Foot 7 Inches to 5 Foot

how can you tell if you sized the youth soccer goalie gloves right?

Just like with kids soccer socks, overall comfort is the best way to see if soccer gear fits. More than anything else a soccer glove should feel comfortable on the goalkeeper's hands, both during inactivity as well as while handling the ball and making  saves. Overly tight-fitting goalie gloves restrict the full range of movement of the hand and fingers and impedes its effective use.

It also can be distracting, particularly to the young goalkeepers, to have gloves that feel too tight. Gloves that are too tight are also more likely to rip along a seem.

Goalie gloves that are too big make it awkward for a keeper to handle the ball. If the fingers of the glove are too long, the glove is less effective at stopping the balls progress toward the back of the net.

Conclusion on sizing youth soccer goalie gloves properly

Young goalies, let's say 6 year old and younger, do not NEED goalie gloves, but they are still a lot of fun for the kids to use. Just like wearing an official uniform, shin guards, or cleated soccer shoes, they may add to your child's enjoyment of soccer. Having fun should be the number 1 goal (while maintaining safety too of course).

Youth gloves from the top companies such as Adidas, Reuch, Nike, Uhlsport, Elite Sport, and more can vary in length and width as well. You can measure for youth soccer goalie gloves two different ways or you can just look at a chart for goalie glove sizes. 

Ultimately, you should buy your goalie gloves from a vendor that allows you to return them after trying them on.

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