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Want to know more about soccer cones? Specifically, what are soccer cones used for and are they worth it? This post will cover the best types of soccer cones to use, how many do you need and what soccer cones cost.

how to use soccer cones

Soccer cones can be used with both young beginning players as well as advanced players in a large variety of ways. The only limits on ideas on what you can use cones for are based on your imagination and creativity.

You can use soccer cones for warm-ups, for laying out a soccer field, for an infinite number of creative games, for improving fitness and strength, and for dribbling and shooting drills. Let's dive into more details of the specific uses of soccer cones for kids. Here's a list of 5 ways to use cones for soccer.

Coach Bruce soccer dribbling quoteKids should learn dribbling first

1. WARM-UPS:  Toddlers and preschool aged children love collecting and stacking objects, especially colorful ones. You can set up the cones in a line or randomly scattered throughout the field. Have the kids pretend they're pirates collecting the treasure (the cones).

You can create races from one line of cones to the next and back. Add jumping over cones, kicking and setting up the cones as warm up activities for the children.

Your kids can warm up with practicing balance by running to touch the cones or walking with the cones balanced on their heads.

2. FIELD LAYOUT: Whether you're playing on a well manicured sports field, your backyard, or a cow pasture, you can instantly mark out a soccer field of any dimensions by using soccer cones. You can set up the soccer filed as "Soccer Island" to teach the kids how to stay in bounds on the island.

Generally speaking, smaller fields cause more touches on the ball and larger fields add more fitness and running to the drill, activity or game. One of the biggest benefits of marking out a field with cones is that you can easily adjust the size of the soccer field quickly in the middle of practice.

3. SOCCER GAMES: As an example with young soccer players, you can play the volcanoes game. Set up the cones significantly spaced around the field. This game can be played with or without soccer balls. Tell the kids and then show the kids how they have been given special superheroes powers and can knock over volcanoes (the soccer cones) either with their feet or by kicking the ball.

Another game you can use soccer cones for is the spaceship game. The cones can be placed in a circle and make up one of the planets. The kids will have to travel-you can switch between with or without soccer balls-from planet to planet.

Soccer spaceship game diagramAstronauts fly their spaceships from one planet to another.

Flying with their soccer balls teaches directional dribbling and controlling the ball to stop on each planet. Additionally you can make it more fun or more challenging by adding an "alien"  (a defender) to chase or stop the astronauts.

4. DRIBBLING: Soccer cones can be used to set up a variety of courses for helping the kids with improving their dribbling skills. Likely the most well known use of soccer cones for dribbling is the classic zig-zag course as shown in the diagram below.

dribbling through soccer cones diagramUsing soccer cones for zig zag dribbling practice

Other simple courses like squares or ovals can be set up with cones and combined with reversing direction to add difficulty and complexity to the drill.

5. SHOOTING: Although the ultimate skill is to score goals by kicking the soccer ball into the goal, you don't have to use a soccer goal or net as a target to shoot at in order to practice shooting. The very youngest players can kick the actual cones themselves for initial training in learning the shooting motion of the leg and the position of the non-kicking foot close to the ball.

Progressively then the cones can be used as targets for shooting the  soccer balls at. Improvements at shooting accuracy com with repetition and increased distances from the shooter to the soccer cone.

Soccer Cone Materials.

You're probably wondering what soccer cones are made of. Soccer cones are composed of durable molded plastic. There are some cones that are made of a hard plastic, but the softer soccer cones are more durable and are the most popular. 

Low density polyethylene  is used to make the soft cones. They hold up better because they are more flexible than the harder cones. They won't crack as easily from the rigors of rough soccer action and challenging weather conditions.

Soccer Cone Prices

Soccer parents and coaches are always curious about how much soccer cones cost. Although they are all affordable, surprisingly, there is quite a bit of variation in prices for soccer cones. Generally speaking, the cones that are good for kids to play soccer with are around $1 for each cone, provided that you're buying a set of them all at once.

Collapsible windproof soccer coneCollapsible

Reehut 7.5 inch thick soccer conesThick

KamelKone disc coneFliexible

Yooha Sports ConeMost

Vorcool training conesMulti-color

Here is a table of prices for various soccer cones at the time of this post.

Champro Collapsible. Won't tip from moderate wind. Very light in weight. Flimsy 8 for $2/each
Reehut 7 inches tall. Thicker design 12 For $12.99
KamelKone 4 x 4 x 2 inches. Windproof. Pricier. Can set soccer balls on top of them for added versatility 12 For $35
Yooha Cheaply priced. Thin, so they stack compactly $10 for $7.99
Yorcool Come in a multi-colored. Compact Only 3 x 3 x 3.5 inches. Barely seen when put in tall grass. Only given 3.5 out of 5 stars by Amazon shoppers. $10 for $7.99

Design features of soccer cones

What features should you look for when considering which soccer cones are best for you? Here's a look a t what you should pay attention too.

VISIBILITY: Taller cones will be more visible than the shorter disc cones, particularly if the grass on the filed hasn't been recently cut. The flatter disc cones are cheaper and good for marking out a field. I always used the taller soccer cones to mark out the 4 corners when setting up a soccer field.

DURABILITY. Just about all models are durable because of the material use. If you keep kids from stomping on them they'll last longer. Designs like the

STABILITY: Taller, lighter cones are more susceptible to be knocked over by the wind, thus interrupting your practice or game. Most of the time wind is no factor, but if you play in a windy area, windproof or shorter cones will work better.

VERSATILITY:  Several fun and useful games can be played by using cones to place soccer balls on top off. In those situations it's a bonus to have cones available that can serve that purpose too. 

Are soccer cones worth buying

Soccer cones are definitely worth buying. Not only are they very cheap to buy, but they last a long time. Many of the drills and games that are used to teach the game of soccer use cones to help with the enjoyment and learning of soccer.

Games with youth soccer conesYouth soccer cones are very versatile

Whether it's setting up a temporary field in your backyard, using your imagination to play a fun game, or a repetition dribbling or shooting drill, it's beneficial to have a set of soccer cones as part of your youth soccer equipment.

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Soccer cones are great to have for soccer practices. They can be used in so many ways for kids soccer as well as many other sports and physical activities.  Inspire a child today!

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