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Many kids' soccer toys are designed to be educational. Some of these toys for young soccer players incorporate features that help develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and even basic soccer strategy. Others develop life skills like critical thinking, memory, tactical skills and even social development.

You're looking for ideas for kids soccer toys that aren't the typical things that kids need to play soccer, like goals, balls, shin guards and cleats. This post will give you a list of toys for kids who play soccer that are educational, entertaining, and will tap into your kids natural imagination. 

Soccer toys for kids that don't involve playing actual soccer can be beneficial in many ways. Kids can learn the game of soccer while having fun playing games and participating in worthwhile physical and mental activities. Best of all, most of them are surprisingly affordable.

The category of kids soccer toys that are educational is my favorite.

Educational Soccer Toys

The right choice of toys can spark kids imagination and improve learning.

Soccer Action Figures For GIRL AND BOYS

Toys like this, where there are no defined expectations or rules to follow, allow for open-ended play.

According to MyBrainBlox open-ended play helps children develop social and emotional intelligence. That goes for soccer action figures that call on kids to develop their imagination.

Research shows that this kind of educational toy is beneficial to kid's cognitive development. GOOD NEWS: These are available for boys and girls too!

Soccer Sports Watch

A soccer themed wrist watch is a great tool for teaching your kid how to tell time. It's a lost skill in today's digital world, but children need to know how to tell time with analogue watches too.

They'll get a better understanding of how hours and minutes are related. These watches come in variety of sports, but of course, I'm partial to the soccer watch.

Laugh and Learn Soccer Ball

This early childhood toy is intended for the youngest, future soccer players. It teaches colors, counting numbers, music, and yes, even sportsmanship.

The multi-color, Laugh & Learn Singing Soccer Ball teaches through sound, touch, and movement, using three different modes.

It's machine washable (after you remove the electronics).

Soccer Deck of Cards

This idea for a soccer themed game has hundreds of variations. That's right. Just use this soccer deck of cards to play any card game you wish and you can get a personalized deck of cards if you wish.

Whether your child plays solitaire, rummy, go fish or any other a deck of cards goes a long way. 

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Soccer Board Games For Kids


This tabletop version of the classic Foosball game is perfect for young soccer kids and light enough to transport to a birthday party or family gathering.

It's over 40 inches long so it's good for 2-4 kids to play together.

It's the ultimate in fun and kids benefit by developing improved hand-eye coordination. 

Robotic Soccer Stadium Toy

It's a soccer toy that was intended for kids 8 years old and up, but younger kids and adults seem to have just as much fun playing with it.

You'll learn how to "dribble" away from opponents, "shield" the ball from opponents as well as "shoot" the ball into the goal.

It's sized as 30 inches long and 18 inches wide. You can order extra robots for games with more than two players.

To see how one version of a robotic soccer toy works, watch the video below.

Finger Soccer

This toy is a unique adaptation of several board games into a soccer match.

It's sized at 11.5 x 17.5 x 1.5 inches so it's another soccer toy for kids that is easy to take along with you anywhere.

No batteries to worry about going dead with this toy!

Watch the video below to see how much fun you can have playing finger soccer.

How To Play Finger Soccer

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