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So, you're searching for a good gift for your favorite toddler who plays soccer. Too many choices and not enough time to search everywhere for a good match. Hopefully, this post will give you some information and inspiration to make the right choice for a good soccer gift for your toddler.

Best Gift Ideas For Developing Soccer Toddlers

Before we jump into the list of soccer-specific toddler gifts, there are 4 gifts that go beyond just soccer. Toddlers benefit from activates that build their gross motor skills. Specifically, my research led me to a select few gifts that are super fun AND help toddlers develop. 

This is an excellent video that shows you these 4 ideas (and a few more), but it cues up on the first idea.

Watch for the Crawling Tunnel, Balance Board, Pikler Triangle, and Wooden Walker

For your convenience, I posted the Amazon listings below of those gift ideas for toddlers. That gives you the opportunity to read the reviews from soccer moms and soccer dads who have purchased them.

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The items above are good for developing all round physical and mental abilities. Now we turn to the soccer specific gift ideas for toddlers.

1. Toddler soccer ball

No list of soccer gifts would be complete without the most obvious-and most important-soccer gift for toddlers, a soccer ball. But wait, don't blast me for acting like Mr. Obvious. There's more to this gift idea than just where a ball meets the foot.

Toddler soccer balls for traditional play are size 3, but there are squishy soccer balls and smaller soccer balls that don't get used for regular soccer too. Consider the following.

Kids and adults alike, enjoy a nice plush pillow. This one is the classic black and white soccer ball. It can be used for actual indoor play, or for keeping you and your toddler company during a well deserved nap.

WHAT I LIKE: It's versatile and can be used indoors in as many ways as your imagination dictates to you. It doesn't need batteries. It's machine washable

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: Rough play may tear the seams. It will not las long if you let your dog get his teeth on it. It's a pillow and won't stay perfectly round so I don't recommend it for traditional outside soccer play.

plush soccer pillow


Your toddler will benefit from using a traditional soccer ball more than anything else. Check out my post on truly unique soccer balls for kids.

Even though they are the smallest standard size soccer ball, size 3 balls are taller than toddlers knees are. You can get a 6 inch soccer ball which is great for indoor play on smooth surfaces.

WHAT I LIKE: They're the perfect size for toddlers who have just learned to walk. They're super soft and safe for toddler indoor play. The kids love them

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: They can be used outside, but won't roll very well in tall grass or on uneven surfaces. Because of their size, toddlers naturally want to use their hands rather than their feet with them.

6 Inch Soccer Ball


2. soccer books for Toddlers

Studies indicate that reading a story to your child has several benefits. According to Nemours, reading to toddlers sets the foundation for later independent reading. Toddlers face challenges and achieve successes. Hearing stories read to them, about other kids, helps them understand both and facilitates learning.

On rainy days when I couldn't coach the kids outside at the preschools where I ran the soccer sessions, I'd read an excellent book, "Froggy Plays Soccer."

kids soccer bookMe and my well-worn "Froggy Plays Soccer" Book

I've got to start with my recommendation for my favorite toddler soccer book of all time, "Froggy Play Soccer." It teaches the game of soccer and competition through an adorable character, Froggy.

WHAT I LIKE: The Illustrations are bright and colorful. Getting the kids to actively participate by repeating the common message  that Froggy chants is easy.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: Nothing, but if you want to view other soccer books that I recommend try my post on types of soccer books.



The Berenstein Bears series of children's books are one of the most highly recommended and enjoyed children's books of all time for good reasons.

They're well written, creatively illustrated, and come with great stories and lessons. "The Berenstain Bears Get Their Kicks" book is no different.

WHAT I LIKE: Everything. The story line follows when Mama Bear becomes the soccer mom and Papa Bear feels left out.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: Nothing. Seriously, this is a great soccer gift for a toddler.

Berenstein Bears


3. soccer Night Light

Toddlers are fascinated with light. What better way to give your toddler the combination of peace of mind at night and an interest in soccer. This will last longer than a typical throw away soccer toy that your toddler will outgrow.

WHAT I LIKE:  It has 16 color changes to keep your toddler interested. It's 3D illusion is really cool. You have 3 different ways to power it. It includes a remote control which makes it easy to control the various options from a distance.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE:  It's great that it works on batteries, a USB connection, or household current, but does not come with the A/C power adapter if that's how you want to power it. For some, that's not a big deal.

4. soccer goal

A soccer goal is a great gift for a toddler, but you need to realize it's important to get the right type of soccer goal. In addition to size differences, youth soccer goals vary in terms of suitability and lengevity.

This is a good gift idea for younger toddlers. It's a multi-sport toy that is colorful and gives encouragement with simple phrases that keep a toddlers interest.

It's one of the all-time best selling soccer toys for toddlers and is especially good for entertaining one year old children.

WHAT I LIKE: This toy will help with motor skill development with the hands and feet, as well as a little verbal/listening function.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: Because young children develop so quickly, your toddler will grow out of it somewhat quickly.

Goal For 1-2 Year old kids


One of the most affordable soccer goals for kids you'll ever find, this one is good for both indoor and outdoor soccer for your toddlers up to 3 year olds.

WHAT I LIKE: The price is nice-it's very affordable. It's simple to assemble. Brightly colored. Easy to store in a small space. Flip it to get a 2nd, even smaller goal size.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: Does not fold down for storing-you have to disassemble it. Included ball is small and cheap.



Folding nets are the most popular nets for toddlers and older kids. I still have two of my original similar folding Pugg nets (very durable) that have held up over the years.

WHAT I LIKE MOST: Good price for a set of two goals. They are rectangular like the big soccer goals. These goals fold up for easy storage and easy transportation. In addition to using with toddlers, they're good for 3, 4, and 5 year old kids too.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: These net are very light, not heavy duty, so I don't recommend them for older kids and adults.

GOAL FOR 2 and Older

In additional to these toddler gifts, you may also be interested in the more tradition toys for kids who already play soccer, or just want to play with toys that happen to have a soccer them. Here's the post on soccer toys.

5. Soccer Pajamas

Let's face it. There's nothing more comfy that are favorite pair of PJs. Toddlers may not be super excited to open up a package and get clothing, but we know, once they start wearing them, they become very fond of them.

WHAT I LIKE: They're useful and will get used every day. They encourage a natural affection to the game of soccer, the world's #1 sport.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: The youngest of kids loves things that they can play with. Toddlers won't be that excited when they first see them. I'd like to see a larger selection of designs.

Jammies For Toddlers


6. Soccer disc cones

This may seem like an unusual gift idea for your young soccer player, but stay with me here for a minute. How about a gift that is colorful, indestructible, versatile, and has long lasting use potential?

Even if you never plan on coaching, these colorful durable discs can be played with in so many ways, for soccer or other simple games with disc cones. They can be used at birthday parties for outdoor activates, and toddlers love to stack them or learn to balance their soccer balls on top of them.

WHAT I LIKE: Bendable, they return to shape if stepped on. Stackable, for easy transport and storage.  Versatile, to be able to use them in dozens of ways. Very affordable, and available in different, multi-color options.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: Over a long period of time-I've had some of the ones I still own for 15 years-they can fade from being in the sunlight, and will become less flexible.

Versatile soccer discs


6. KIDS Water Bottle

It's important for kids to develop life long healthy habits like getting hydrated with enough water each day. A soccer water bottle is the perfect gift to encourage that habit.

The specific model shown here is extremely popular with parents for several reasons.

WHAT I LIKE: They're sized just right for toddlers. They're spill proof. They're BPA free. They have the CamelBak Big Bite Valve which the kids love.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: Like many other water bottles, if filled with cold water and then allowed to warm up and expand, water can leak from the top.

Here's a complete article on what you need to know about soccer water bottles.

soccer Water Bottle


7. Soccer Coloring Book

Toddlers love to color and a soccer based coloring book is sure to be gift that toddlers will enjoy.

WHAT I LIKE: Thick lines make it easier to use for those young children that are just beginning to master their fine motor skills with their hands. Coloring these pages will peak your toddlers interest in anything soccer.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: Just like any other coloring book, once its' been colored, it's not reusable. These are great for toddlers, but likely a bit too simple for order kids to enjoy using as much.

Toddler Coloring Book


Soccer Gifts For Toddlers Conclusion

There are lots of great choices for toddler soccer gifts, both educational, entertaining, and beneficial to use. Those benefits are magnified when you or another person participate with your toddler when using them.

Incorporating enthusiasm and energy on your part will enhance the learning and fun for your toddler no matter what soccer gift you get.

If you're shopping for a gift for an older boy, you'll likely want to read the article on gift ideas for boy soccer players. If you're shopping for a gift for an older girl, you should read the article on gift ideas for girl soccer players.

Keeping it fun, above all else, is the key to increase the likelihood that your toddler will develop a love for the game, whether it's as a player, a future coach, or even just a fan of the game of soccer.

Toddler inside soccer goals

My grandson, playing his own unique version of soccer with two goals, one soccer disc, and one soccer ball.

I hope this list of soccer gifts for toddlers was helpful. Together, we can educate and nurture toddlers to be happy and healthy. That's the first step toward them grow into becoming happy kids, teenagers, and eventually adults.

Stay inspired,

Coach Bruce

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