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What to get for a boy who likes soccer. That's a question this post will help you figure out. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun and healthy choices to select from.

You're looking for the perfect gift, not too pricey, and one that will be used for more than just a few minutes when it's first opened. This post has a list of worthwhile soccer gift ideas for boys in three different age groups, ages 3-5, 6-10, and teenagers. For younger kids see the guide for soccer gifts for toddlers.

Soccer Gifts For Boys, Ages 3 to 5 Years Old

It's that magical age for boys that are 3, 4, and 5 years old, to develop a love for the game of soccer. It's also so very exciting for a young boy in this age range to get a soccer gift.  That makes it easy to find the right present.

Here's a list of ideas for soccer gifts for boy.

1. Goal! Goal! Goal!

Second only to having a soccer ball, your child needs to have a soccer goal. These smaller goals are just the right size for boys in the 3-5 year old range, and there are several good choices.

WHAT I LIKE: You can fold them up for easy storage and transportation. These goals are very affordable. Due to such a competitive market, they've come down in price. The goals made by Franklin are known well in the world of soccer equipment.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: You can't get too rough with them because they're made of plastic. It's convenient to get a ball as part of the kit, but realize that these soccer balls are cheap. You might be interested at looking looking at my article on kids soccer balls.

Folding Soccer Goal


The number 1 skill that boys should learn is kicking the ball into the back of the net. These arch-shaped goals are the same design that I used for over a decade with my kids soccer franchise. I used the PUGG brand, but there are others that are just as good. 

WHAT I LIKE: Once you learn the exact motion of folding them, they're super easy to open and to close them for storing and carrying. These are heavy duty for longer durability and come in different sizes.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: They have a higher price tag. Perhaps not a big deal, but the rounded arch shape is not like the standard rectangle shape that kids will use when they're older.

Durable Soccer Goals


2. Soccer Balls

Yes, Captain Obvious checking in here, but for a good reason. It all starts with having a soccer ball. News flash! You can get something other than the traditional black and white soccer ball. Check out these gift options for soccer balls.

WHAT I LIKE: They stay on the floor, so you don't have to worry about your child breaking a table lamp with the ball. These are great for indoor soccer on a rainy day

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: The rounded shape is not like the standard rectangle shape that kids will use when they're older.

Hover Soccer Ball


Boys love super heroes and Disney characters. Why not get him a unique ball designed to appeal to him because of his favorite character or them? 

WHAT I LIKE: The size 3 soccer themed balls are very affordable. You have a huge variety of balls to choose from for a great gift that appeals to boys ages 3, 4, or 5. 

Some of the superhero soccer balls come with their own air pump and needle. 

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: Not too many superheroes offered, but plenty of other themes like Disney, dinosaurs, and Paw Patrol.

Themed Soccer BalL

Spiderman Soccer Ball

Soccer Gifts For Boys, Ages 6 to 10 Years Old

Elementary school aged boys get a little more serious about their level of play and appreciated soccer gifts that will help them elevate their level of play. 

WHAT I LIKE: Boys can practice on their own, without any teammates, and without the need for a soccer goal. This solo trainer has been tested by tens of thousands of boys across the country. It will work for any of the 3 standard ball sizes for youth soccer

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: Over time, with repeated use Velcro and cloth materials will wear out.

Soccer Solo Trainer


Enjoying soccer does not have to be limited to just playing on the soccer field. In addition to the physical exercise that soccer involves for boys, it's good to get some brain exercise in too.

WHAT I LIKE: This soccer activates book has a nice variety of puzzles, brain exercises, word searches, doodling, and coloring.

The book is designed to only have single sided pages. That prevents that annoying bleed through that interferes with the activity on the next page.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: Like a traditional coloring book, once an activity is completed in the book, you can't perform that same task again.

It's maybe a bit too simple to engage 8, 9, and 10 year old boys at a very high level.

Soccer Activity Book


Soccer Gifts For Teenaged Boys

Teenagers who play soccer have often formed connections as fans of a specific team or a star player. Now's the time to get him a special soccer jersey.  Whether it's soccer star Lionel Mess or his favorite team Premier League soccer team, your boy will enjoy wearing a pro soccer jersey.

WHAT I LIKE: There's a crazy number of options for colors, designs, teams, and players that you're sure to find a good one for your teenaged boy soccer player..

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: The price of some of the genuine soccer jerseys is a little steep.

Soccer Jersey


Don't limit his soccer fun to daylight hours. Let your favorite  boy teenager boy play soccer in the dark.

WHAT I LIKE: Comes ready to use with no assembly required. Adds another, very different way to enjoy soccer, as opposed to traditional, organized, full field soccer matches.

It can be used in other creative ways in the dark in additional to practicing skills or playing a small sided soccer game.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: This is not a "real" soccer ball. It's more of a bouncy, rubber ball and can't be used in a competitive soccer match. Teenagers would benefit from instructions on how it should be used.

Glow In The Dark


Can you think of a better combination of interests, playing video with the number one sport in the world?

WHAT I LIKE: Teenaged boys love playing video games, so you know they're going to love playing soccer video games.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: Video  games area great for inside fun, but they can be addicting and take away from the boys benefiting from outdoor activities.

Soccer video Games


I hope you found this article on ideas for gifts for boy soccer players helpful. Stay inspired to help the game of soccer have a positive impact on today's youth.

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