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Soccer wall art Types

Looking for some creative ideas for soccer wall decorations? You're a good soccer mom and you've got a kid who loves soccer. Why not use a soccer theme to spruce up that bedroom wall. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantage of the different types of soccer wall art.

First, you're probably wondering what are the different types of soccer wall decorations you can find. There are soccer decals, stickers, wallpaper, murals, posters, farmed artwork, and stencils.

Soccer Wall Decals

Soccer wall decorTall soccer decal

shoot for your goals stickerInspirational wall art

Personalized soccer ball wall decalPersonalized wall decor


REMOVABLE: A big advantage of getting the vinyl soccer wall decals is that they are removable. You can move them anywhere within your young soccer player's room or even transfer them over to the rec room when you want a change.

PRICE: Soccer decals are affordable. Prices range from a few dollars for the simple, smalls decals up to

VARIETY: Soccer has been a huge sport in the USA for a few decades now and the marketplace has deveoped to bew a big industry. 


PEELING: Occasionally, paint could peel off if it was not originally applied properly. Look for decals that are specifically made to be removable, not permeant.

Soccer Wall Wallpaper

If you're looking for soccer room ideas for decorating wall paper and murals might make sense.


APPEARANCE: By far, the biggest advantage of using wallpaper to decorate your child's room is its appearance. It looks great! Weather you do a whole room, just one wall, or only apply a soccer theme border, the transformation to a room with wallpaper can be remarkable.

DURABILITY: Modern wallpapers are durable and can last a long time before they need to be removed. They'll last longer than you need them to before you'll want to change your décor anyway.


COST: Wallpaper can be expensive and soccer wallpaper is not exception. Painting or applying decals is a lot cheaper. 

APPLICATION: Applying wall paper requires a high level of skill in order for it to come out looking good. If you're handy and experienced, that's no problem, but most soccer moms and dads would need to hire a professional for a quality application.

REMOVAL: Removing soccer wallpaper can be a tedious process as well.

Soccer Wall Art


Soccer wall artSoccer wall art
Image from

PORTABLE: Framed artwork looks great and can be moved if desired to a different spot in the room if you rearrange or transplanted to a totally new location in the home.


CLEANING: Any type of soccer wall art that has horizontal dimensions will collect dust. Perhaps not a big deal, but dusting frames, washing glass, or other type of cleaning may have to be done to keep wall art looking its best.

Soccer Wall Stencils


APPLICATION: Painting while using a soccer stencil is very easy to do, even for the complete novice. It makes a great project kids and soccer parents can do together. Kids will enjoy them even more when they play a big part in the decorating process.

COVERING: It's very easy to simple paint over a stenciled design when it's time to move to a new look in your child's room.

SIZES: Soccer stencils come as small as just a few inches and as large as several feet. You'll be able to match the right size of stencil to the space you will be using on your child's wall. 

USAGE: Stencils can be used over and over again and in a rapid manner. That's a big advantage is you want to repeat a basic design element (like a soccer ball) in the overall theme. You don't have to buy multiple decals. You can just use a stencil several times exactly where you want the design element to appear.


Soccer ball stencilLines don't connect

DESIGN: Uninterrupted lines, complete rings, or circles are difficult to complete when designing a stencil since a stencil is designed to be made with one completely connected design. A complete circle would fall out.

MONEY: This is a small disadvantage, but buying a soccer stencil will cost you money. Of course if you're crafty you can make it a DIY project and cut you own stencils if you have the time and patience.


Whether you're looking for specialized soccer wall ideas such as personalized soccer wall decals with a name, soccer wall art for girl or a boy, or soccer wall décor for your home, you have lots of great options. Soccer décor can be both inspirational and attractive at the same time.

My favorite soccer posterMy favorite soccer wall art is a poster from my team

For me, my favorite wall hanging related to soccer is a poster. It was a surprise gift presented to me at an awards banquet. The team mom's son crafted a personalized poster which was signed by each member of the team I coached for several years.

Keep it fun for the kids!

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