How To Hang Your soccer ball On The Wall

You're wondering how to hang your soccer ball on the wall. There are several different ways to mount your ball to the wall and this post will show you the best ways to use a soccer ball holder. Most of the soccer ball mounts are mounted with two or three screws.

It's easy to misplace a soccer ball. You don't want to be late to a practice because your kid doesn't remember where she put it. It makes a lot of sense to have a designated spot in your home to keep it that's convenient to use and attractive as well. Enter the soccer ball holder line-ups.

To give you some ideas on what kind of wall mounts are available, here are 6 different options for hanging your soccer ball with a pre-made hanger.

Metal sports ball cradleSoccer ball cradle

Basic soccer ball wall mountHolds top + bottom

Wood metal ball holder storageLooks like a basketball hoop

Clispeed wall mounted soccer ball rackSimple design

Acrylic soccer ball wall mountClassy acrylic

Space-saver ball mount holderTriple holder

Recommended Soccer Ball Mounts

Your needs will be different than mine, but here is my list, in order of preference, of the best mounts for your soccer ball on a wall.

Metal sports ball cradle#1
Simplicity, Sturdiness

ADVANTAGES:  This is my top choices for a ball mount. The thick metal design will hold up well to the occasional accidental tug from a young soccer player's hand. Having a large flat surface area to contact the wall makes it as sturdy as possible and less likely to be pulled down off the wall inadvertently.

DISADVANTAGES: It's pricey and it may be difficult to find in the United States.

Wood metal ball holder storage#2
Attractive. Easy to use

ADVANTAGES: It's very ease to set your ball on the ring and super easy to grab your ball off the ring when it's playtime. This is the most attractive design of all 6 of the mounts reviewed. The large wooden base gives it a solid mounting strength.

DISADVANTAGES:  The ring shape could be tempting for an unknowing child to want to grab it and try to hang from it. It may be too small for the smallest of soccer balls.

Basic soccer ball wall mount#3
Smart mount design

ADVANTAGES: Vertical mounting screws can be mounted to a wall stud for the sturdiest mounting orientation. This mount holds the ball securely from the top and bottom, avoiding being accidentally bumped and knocked off the mount.

DISADVANTAGES:  The design is functional, but lacks a little bit of luster. It's not the most attractive soccer ball mount, but that may not matter to you if it's hanging on a wall in your garage.

Space-saver ball mount holder#4
The price is nice.
Securely holds the ball.

ADVANTAGES: This is likely the most affordable option. It holds the soccer ball in place securely and smartly has offset holes for 3 mounting screws. This is a popular design for those players who are mostly using the mount to display a ball and not necessarily using it on a daily basis.

DISADVANTAGES:  Plastic is a popular material to use because it's cheap and it's light, but it does not have the same strength and durability of a metal hanger. Repeated use, day after day could weaken it.

Clispeed wall mounted soccer ball rack#5

ADVANTAGES: The simple ring design is similar to the #2 holder recommendation. It's very easy to place the ball on the mount and remove it. The mounting ring has 3 attachment screws which is a strong mounting system.

DISADVANTAGES:  It's biggest weakness is having just a single metal support connecting the ball ring with the mounting ring. It will bend downward easily if sufficient pressure is ever place on it.

Acrylic soccer ball wall mount#6
Elegant design.
Weak mounting system.

ADVANTAGES: Using clear acrylic plastic in its construction, this ball mount has a very high class look to it. This is a great decorative design that could be matched to the environment of the room that the display is in.

DISADVANTAGES:  This is a very weak mounting system. With no significant area of the mount being flush with the wall this soccer ball mount is best for display purposes only..

Rather than use an actual soccer ball for decorating, an alternative would be to get soccer decorations for hanging on the wall. Here's the complete post on soccer wall décor.

Where to get soccer ball wall mounts

Wall mounts make a gift for any soccer player, but where's the best place to buy one? Anywhere on line. And I mean anywhere. There are many retailers that sell different versions of soccer ball wall mounts. If you limit yourself to a trusted seller, eBay has many. There are a lot of listings on ETSY and similar websites.

Google is your best friend when it comes to finding the right one. Amazon is your best friend when it comes to reading the reviews on soccer ball mounts.

If you want to know if kicking the soccer ball against a wall is a good idea for your child's skill development read this post.

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